Our Story, Our Purpose...

The Los Alamos Physician and Hospital Organization (PHO) was established in 1994, forming a partnership between the Los Alamos Medical Center (LAMC) and many of the independent Physician and Behavioral Healthcare providers in Los Alamos. Our members include Board certified physicians specializing in primary care, family medicine, OB/GYN, cardiology, dermatology, podiatry, rheumatology, allergy and immunology.   The Behavioral Health members include psychiatrists, counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. The Los Alamos Medical Center is a modern, acute care facility with excellent inpatient and outpatient services available 24 hours a day and a deep commitment to the Los Alamos community.

The PHO assists its members through the contracting process with managed care organizations and offers our members the opportunity to join any of the PHO’s contracts.  We serve as a liaison with the plans and provide support with reimbursement and claims issues.  Finally, we provide a venue to learn about current health care trends and resources to help the independent practitioner.


The PHO is governed by a Board of Directors.  The eight-member board consists of 6 elected physician representatives (4 primary care providers and 2 specialist providers) and 2 hospital representatives.  Each elected position serves a two (2) year term, with three physician seats elected each year.  All board members serve on a voluntary basis.

Board Members

Anthony B. Sandoval, MD - President
John Whiteside, CEO, LAMC - Vice-President
B. Michael Jackson, MD - Treasurer
Jacqueline Krohn, MD - Secretary
Danielle D. Bridge, MD - Director
Richard W. Honsinger, MD - Director
Lori S. Whitley, MD - Director
Steve Winegeart, CFO, LAMC - Director

For more information or questions about the Los Alamos PHO, please contact us! Email