Casey Dexter, LCSW

Alder & Oak Counseling, LLC

1460 Trinity Dr.,  Ste 3
Los Alamos NM  87544

3600 Cerillos Rd., Ste 303 
Santa Fe NM  87544


Ages:  Adolescents (10+), Adults
Populations:  Individuals, Couples
Areas: Men's issues, addictions and trauma issues

Casey received a BA in English from the University of Maine and received a Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University. He has enjoyed work at the individual, family and group level.
Casey began his career working at In Balance Ranch Academy in Tombstone, Arizona, a therapeutic boarding school for adolescents dealing with substance abuse.

In recent years, Casey has worked with Native American populations as well as providing clinical direction for an addiction program in Texas. Currently, Casey is working in his own private practice.

Through his career, Casey has used music and poetry as therapeutic tools. He had also used more physical, active methods to help people find grounding, including wilderness therapy techniques. All of his work  is based in evidence-based practice,  including CBT and trauma-informed care.   Overall, he believes in the opportunity and connection therapy can provide us as a community.